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Our Approach

We aim to deliver service excellence at every level, every time we do business. We measure our performance by regularly checking with our clients after every major piece of work and undertaking satisfaction surveys through independent Solicitor reviews.

The results are reported back directly to the Principals and regularly communicated to the entire firm at staff meetings. This makes us accountable for our actions and ensures that we deliver a great service. If the results are not consistently high you can be certain that immediate action will be taken.

We aim to deliver the right advice every single time. Our staff regularly review the most recent case law and the impact of such decisions on our client’s cases. Our lawyers attend ongoing legal education seminars to ensure that the advice we give is centred within the framework of latest developments.

We are always open to the views of individual clients on different or additional ways to measure our performance and improve on our service. For example, it may relate to the time taken to get things done or alternative cost savings. Being client centred means judging our performance by reference to what matters most to each client. Our clients have told us that when it comes to law firms, the skills of the people and the quality of advice they receive is paramount. What also needs to improve is reliability and predictability of costs. Too often in legal firms, the planning, regular progress reports and transparency are missing.

In response, we have invested in:

  • implementing case management processes to provide transparency
  • installing new IT systems to support our case management approach
  • implementing office management systems to make us more efficient in applying case management processes
  • ensuring all of our people apply our case management methodology.

What are the benefits?

A law firm that provides outstanding service because there is no guessing about what you, our clients, want. Our collaborative project management approach ensures effective planning and forethought, communication with you throughout and genuine cost predictability for you.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to be a great firm to do business with and a great place to come and work.

Client centred

We strive to achieve results that exceed our clients’ expectations. We will look after our clients’ interests as if they were our own. We take care to ensure our clients are fully informed of their legal rights and obligations. We will deliver outstanding levels of service and build strong relationships.

Friendly & Straightforward

We pride ourselves on being friendly, punctual, reliable and accessible to our clients. We will be straightforward, open and honest in all our dealings and we will act with utmost integrity.


We will act as one firm, recognising the different important contributions we each make.

Mutual respect

We will take care of each other and we will treat everyone with respect, fairness and courtesy. We will recognise the need to balance personal and business lives.


We will take responsibility for problems and strive to always find solutions to the issues faced by our clients and colleagues.

Continuous improvement

We will embrace change and challenge the status quo, always seeking to find better ways of doing things.


Every one of our lawyers has been trained in our case management approach. Every matter we do for you will be fully prepared and planned. We put real effort into understanding your key issues and goals, then, with you, we map out how we are going to achieve them.

Our approach is driven by frequent and regular communication and control to ensure the case is delivered to your requirements. This ensures predictability and no surprises.

Our approach is well established, and it works. When it comes to disputes our methodology has achieved the best possible outcome agreed at the outset with our clients.

Predictable costs

We will never charge you for anything you have not agreed in advance. Sometimes there are unexpected turns that can have a serious impact on costs and timescales. If so, we will revise the costs and timescales, and then discuss them with you before undertaking further work. With case management, you always remain in control.

Regular communication

As part of the initial planning we will ask you how and when you want us to communicate with you: by e-mail, phone or fax? Every day, once a week, once a month? We’ll ask how you would like your legal advice: highly detailed or a quick one page summary?

Listening to you

Throughout the project we will continually review our plan to ensure it is still relevant and effective, and will adapt it if necessary. Being predictable does not mean a lack of flexibility. We continuously monitor all work so that you get the best result.

Continuous improvement

As part of our drive for service excellence, once a job is complete we will ask for your feedback so we can learn lessons that will help us to provide an even better service in the future.

This is what Mumfords means by case management – a first-rate legal service backed by rigorous cost control and total accountability, every step of the way.

What does this mean for our clients?

Accountable relationships are at the core of our approach:

Cost predictability

We put our clients in control. We tell them exactly what is involved in our quote. If something unexpected comes up we discuss it with our clients before we take any action.

A high level of service

We use case management techniques, detailed planning and defined legal products so that our clients are totally clear on what we will do, when and at what cost.

A better service experience

To be better than our competition we need to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. This means being easy to deal with and having accessible professionals who communicate effectively at all levels.

Being measurably better

We believe that even the most complex, one-off piece of specialist work is capable of being planned and budgeted. Our contract with our clients means we are under an obligation to:

  • keep the client up to date on costs
  • compare how much has been spent against budget
  • obtain the client’s agreement before exceeding the budget.
Pro Bono Legal Work

Every year we provide free legal advice to lots of individuals and organisations. This work is done at all levels within the firm. It enables our lawyers to use their skills and knowledge to give something back, and can help trainees gain exposure to work that they might not normally get to do.

Our lawyers volunteer to provide their services at local legal advice centres.


As a firm dependent on a talented workforce, we recognise the overwhelming importance of education.

We work with universities and their placement programmes for young people, mature age students and new graduates in a variety of ways, such as paid work experience and voluntary work. Through these relationships we are seeking to widen access to the legal profession and extend the pool of talent from which we recruit.

Our lawyers are constantly updating their skills, ensuring they are up to date with the most recent cases and changes in legislation. Lunch time seminars also provide our workforce with a pleasant and convenient forum for learning.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome they were able to obtain for me and highly recommend their services

Tony Brown

We have now used Mumford Lawyers on 5 different occasions to assist with matters involving a family issue, our businesses and the sale and procurement of property. The professionalism and compassion shown by Helena and her staff while assisting us through these difficult times helped to make the process as stress free as possible. At times, we felt that we were talking with a friend rather than a lawyer. Helena was always available to answer questions and timely in her response.

Kerry Nissen

Three things I value in anyone are authenticity, honesty and integrity. Helena Mumford and her team have all these qualities, I would highly recommend if you are looking for a Law firm that gets the job done then Mumford Lawyers are your firm why settle for anything less.

Phillip Bowden