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Charging on a timely basis

As with most other law firms, we charge on the basis 6 minute time “units” and our final fee is based on the number of units spent on each personal attendance. Incomplete units are rounded up, so, for example, a 5 minute conversation and a 6 minute conversation will both be charged as 1 unit.

Time-based charging applies to all tasks such as meetings with you or examining large bundles of documents where it would be difficult to attribute value to our work in any other way.

Task-based, word count-based and fixed professional fees

In order to give you greater control over your legal costs, we have introduced task-based and word-count based fees for most of the common tasks which we perform and our hourly rates do not apply to such tasks.

We can also carry certain types of matters on the basis of fixed professional fees for the entire matter from start to finish. Such fees largely depend on the complexity of each particular matter.

What is included in our professional fees?

We take pride in our work and our charges include the highest degree of competence and professionalism you can expect from legal practitioners. We only charge on the basis of the final product of our work, and as such our charges already take into account all the preparation and administrative work that goes into it. For example, there are no separate charges for:

  • time we spend making appointments or leaving messages while trying to contact you
  • keeping your will, trust deeds and other important documents in our safe custody
  • issuing accounts or interim bills to keep you updated on your legal costs


Our outgoings such as Court filing fees, conveyancing search charges and postage are passed on to you without any surcharges or interest. Copies of receipts are available for collection from our office and the originals will be returned to you with the rest of your file when the matter is finalised.

Three things I value in anyone are authenticity, honesty and integrity. Helena Mumford and her team have all these qualities, I would highly recommend if you are looking for a Law firm that gets the job done then Mumford Lawyers are your firm why settle for anything less.

Phillip Bowden

0ver the past 15 months, I have found Helena's thoughtfulness and professionalism just wonderful. I will certainly miss the contact with Helena, (due to my case closer to finality) as I have enjoyed her friendship. I can thoroughly recommend Mumfords Lawyers with great merit.

Celia Sheedy

Very very helpful on the phone on the initial enquiry. Helena spent a great deal of time listening, was very supportive, and helping to sort through the complexity of my matters, to best work on creating a direction; where other law firms hit me with charges only at the onset, and did not seem to spend enough time looking into the matter, on my initial enquiry, to best advise what best path to take [or go with an easy way out, that could bite back at me later], which in such matters can be a little scary, as per emotional and financial distress that can arise, or things that can get worse down the track, if the wrong path or decisions are taken.

Amaresh Wardha