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QCAT Proceedings

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (“QCAT“) is a tribunal and, technically, is not a court. It was set up by the Qld Government with the specific philosophy that it exists to serve the community in resolving everyday civil disputes quickly, fairly and with a minimum cost spend.

Civil disputes up to a monetary limit of $25,000 can be heard at QCAT. These include disputes between buyers and sellers, rental disputes, building disputes, anti-discrimination claims, will disputes and compensation claims. However, in addition to matter types such as:

  • Consumer and trader disputes;
  • Debt disputes;
  • Retail shop lease disputes;
  • Residential tenancy disputes;
  • Guardianship for adults,

QCAT also plays an important role in the review of original decision making in the public sector through reviewing administrative decisions made by government decision-makers. It also hears complaints of alleged unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, vilification and victimisation after they have been investigated and referred to QCAT by the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland.

Resolutions of disputes are based on Queensland Law and while the processes of QCAT are less formal than the courts many proceedings can be factually and legally very complex and carry extremely serious outcomes. Our lawyers have the experience to assist claimants and respondents in preparing their cases reaching negotiated outcomes or representation in the tribunal.

Regulated Professionals

If you work or wish to work in an occupation regulated by the government (or departments) such as:

  • Health care providers;
  • Medical practitioners;
  • Auctioneers;
  • Real Estate agents;
  • Car sales,

if the authority which regulates your occupation refuses your application to work or cancels your registration you will need the experience of our lawyers to take steps to ensure your ability to carry on and earn your livelihood until the matter is resolved. We have experience in acting for regulated professionals including defending and settling proceedings by negotiation.

Licences And Approvals

If you work or wish to work in an occupation which requires a licence or approval, such as:

  • Electricians;
  • Builders;
  • Taxi operators;
  • Liquor outlets,

If the authority refuses or cancels your licence or investigates you for a breach of the relevant law you will need the experience of our lawyers to take steps to ensure your ability to carry on and earn your livelihood until the matter is resolved. Our lawyers have the experience to guide you through the processes involved and represent you at the highest levels.

Australian Taxation Office

Receiving an unexpected assessment from the Tax Commissioner can be alarming. Steps which our lawyers can take on your behalf are:

  • voluntary disclosure so as to reduce base penalties;
  • act in tax disputes concerning access and information;
  • act in tax reviews, tax audits and investigations;
  • resolve disputes administratively by way of submission and negotiation.

Resolving Tax Disputes Administratively

Many tax disputes can be resolved internally with the Tax Office. This can prevent the legal costs escalating. Our lawyers can take steps to assist you via:

  • private rulings;
  • objections to private rulings;
  • objections to tax assessments;
  • debt negotiations and payment plan arrangements;
  • negotiated settlements; and
  • director penalty notices.

If it the best solution is to make full disclosure to the Taxation Office so as to avoid maximum penalties, we can assist you in making this disclosure the best possible way. Mumfords lawyers have the expertise to defend you in any litigation instituted and can also handle pleas of guilty where mitigating circumstances are presented in the best light.

Tax Litigation

If you are defending litigation our lawyers can represent you in the first instance and also with:

  • appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal; and
  • appeals to the Federal Court.

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