Mumfords Lawyers exists to provide clients with a selection of specialist legal disciplines. We can assist you with simple, run-of-the-mill matters, guide you through troublesome legal complexities and deliver advice and action on a range of other legal issues. Speak to us when things happen in your personal or business life that require the expert attention of experienced legal minds. Spare yourself the stress and confusion of not knowing where you stand. Proper professional advice will bring you peace of mind and put you in a position of strength. As a Mumfords Lawyers client, you will be treated as part of our extended family, and we care what happens to our family.

Family Law

In an ideal world, family life would be peaceful and blissfully happy for all. Sadly, it isn’t always that way and when disputes arise or domestic violence becomes an issue, it’s time to seek legal assistance. Though we wish it were different, separations, divorce, child custody arrangements and the need for property and financial settlements are all facts of life these days. Even extended family breakdowns such as those between parents and children can require legal intervention to bring about a satisfactory outcome.

Mumfords Lawyers are on hand to assist with family law matters from pre-nuptial agreements to divorce settlements and the full gamut of legal requirements in between. We can provide mediation services in times of great disharmony and work to minimise the fallout – financial, legal and emotional – for all parties.

family law

Commercial Litigation

It’d be wonderful if your business experience was always smooth sailing. Unfortunately, trouble can arise, even without warning and you find yourself clamouring for legal intervention. As a Mumfords Lawyer client, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands. We can help with all your commercial litigation needs such as partnership, contract, property and employment disputes, defamatory conduct, mergers, disposals and acquisitions, professional negligence and bankruptcy. Wherever possible, we will aim to avoid legal action reaching the courts however should the need arise, we will be ready to defend you all the way.

We strongly advocate for retaining our services on an ongoing basis so that if commercial litigation looms, we can act without delay and work towards mediation or other out-of-court solutions instead. We are able to work with your accountant and other advisors to formulate the best possible strategy. In the event that a matter does end up in court, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we have the determination, the knowledge and the expertise to vigorously defend your position.


Residential Conveyancing

Buying and selling property always comes with a need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s. It could be your first ever transaction or your tenth, buying a home or an investment property; even the most experienced property investors turn to legal experts to ensure nothing is left to chance because there’s too much at stake. The conveyancing experts at Mumfords Lawyers assist clients with property transactions every single day so you’re in capable hands. We take great care to attend to every task with meticulous detail.

Whatever the complexities of your particular case such as purchasing off-the-plan, applying for the First Home Owner Grant or dealing with the Foreign Investment Review Board, we are abundantly equipped to assist.

Property legalities also come into play when divorcing couples are dividing assets, parents guarantee their children’s mortgages and when groups of people co-purchase an investment property. With large sums of money at stake, it’s vital you seek the advice of seasoned conveyancers to ensure there are no unforeseen complications. To put your mind at rest even further, Mumfords Lawyers offers fixed price residential conveyancing fees.


Wills, Estate Planning and Administration

Providing for your family is as much a heavy responsibility as it is a great honour. You want to know that your estate is protected and that your instructions will be dutifully carried out. At Mumfords Lawyers, we are deeply respectful of our clients’ wishes and take great care to provide the necessary legal expertise. It doesn’t matter how small or extensive your property portfolio, superannuation policy or bank balance are; ultimately, the result is the same. Turn to us for assistance with compiling your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directive. Trust us to handle your affairs with the utmost confidentiality whilst providing expert advice on the legalities of estate planning.

It’s our job to make sure that your beneficiaries or heirs are spared any undue stress in the transfer of your assets. We also have a trusted network of accountants and financial advisors at our disposal to effect those transfers in the most tax-effective ways possible. In the event of a Will being contested, we aim to proceed with efficiency and sensitivity every step of the way.


Retirement Leases, Sales and Purchases

When the time comes to consider moving into a retirement home, it’s important to have a legal professional in your corner to guide you through the many complexities and confusing Acts involved. Hidden costs, elaborate contracts and lack of transparency are common traps that consumers encounter. Mumfords Lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of the retirement home industry and we make it our business to protect our clients from unpleasant burdens.

At this time of life, you need the comfort of knowing you are making the right decision and the safety net of knowing your legal rights are being seen to. When entering into a lease or purchase, we will ensure that your estate is protected from being eroded by fees. If you are on-selling a retirement property, we will act on your behalf to manage a trouble-free transaction. Clients of Mumfords Lawyers never have to be in a vulnerable position. You will feel not just comforted but empowered in your decisions.


Business Sales and Purchases

Buying or selling a business can be exhilarating, but even those with voracious appetites for risk turn to Mumfords Lawyers for expert legal advice and management. Count on us to help with contracts, searches, titles transfers, lease terms, franchising agreements, liquor licenses, business structuring and other legal considerations. We can facilitate employment contracts and the transfer of employees and attend to the eventual settlement of the sale or purchase.

Don’t be tempted to tackle your business sale or purchase on your own and risk expensive ramifications. Talk to us at Mumfords Lawyers and you’ll quickly see that our attention to detail and comprehensive expertise will be one of the wisest moves you make. We will tailor our services to suit your particular needs and be there for you every step of the way so that you can either dive right in to your new business or move on to your next goal with ease.


Employment Law

No matter how happy and harmonious the workplace, there will still always be a need for legal expertise. Employment law is complicated and ever-changing and with Mumfords Lawyers on your side, you can feel confident that your business is fully compliant. Remember that when dealing with human beings, problems can arise such as interpersonal clashes, discrimination, workplace bullying, hierarchical challenges and employer/employee relationship breakdowns. It’s our job to prioritise the legal focus over the emotional and steer your workplace back on course.

Mumfords Lawyers also acts to assist employees who might be facing unlawful treatment or unfair dismissal. Employees often find themselves in a vulnerable position and our role is to level the playing field and bring about a fair result. Whether you’re an employer, an employee or an independent contractor, talk to us about parental leave and other entitlements, contract negotiations, terminations and any other employment-related matters. We are always up to date on employment law and ready to provide you with information, advice and assistance.


Commercial Leases, Sales and Purchases

When you’re in business, the last thing you need is to tackle complicated legal issues. Even the simplest transactions such as licenses and Council permits can be time-consuming and distract you from your busy work day. At Mumfords Lawyers, we are highly experienced in commercial lease, purchase and sale negotiations and transactions. Let us smooth the way for you when dealing with loans, management agreements, retail tenancies, acquisitions and disposals. Our commercial conveyancing nous will safeguard you from undesirable delays or complications and you can be 100% confident that all due diligence is being carried out on your behalf.

If business relationships turn sour, we’ll be there to defend you and keep the wheels turning. Mediation, advocacy and litigation are just a few of the tools we have to work with. No matter the industry in which you operate, Mumfords Lawyers have the legal and business savvy to assist.


SMSF, Trust and Company Creation

Money can be a legal minefield and it seems the more you have, the more trouble it can be. At Mumfords Lawyers, we work with clients all along the spectrum and help them to keep their finances safe through appropriate structuring. You may need assistance in creating a family trust or in setting up a Company to protect the financial intricacies. Or, you may require help in establishing your SMSF then updating it on a regular basis.

Our clients are individuals, SMEs, trustees of superannuation trusts and trustee Companies. We work to formulate the most appropriate strategy for your individual needs, keeping in mind legal compliance as well as future flexibility as things change. We will also manage the paperwork and administration for you. We recommend never relying solely on a financial advisor in these matters; having legal expertise on your side reduces the potential for non-compliance which could result in losses. Talk to us about your SMSF, trust or Company requirements.



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