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Mumfords Supports Wag

By Helena Mumford on the 10th Nov 2014

Women’s Action Group Inc. (‘WAG’) is a ‘not for profit’ incorporated association focused on educating and empowering women and female children in particular in the prevention and protection against abuse. WAG’s motto: ‘no excuse for abuse’ and slogan; ‘advocates for equality in our society’ embodies a goal for all people. WAG’s main objective is to achieve their goal by highlighting to the public topics of domestic and cultural abuse, in particular against women and female children, by way of interesting lectures and community activities.

WAG has a primary interest in educating women on issues of self-image, personal awareness, safety, violence and assault prevention and foregrounding “hidden and silent abuses” into the public consciousness. They are an organisation which advocates for equality within communities. Its members promote an appreciation of the various issues we Australians face in our multiethnic society.

In response to UN Resolution A/RES/69/150 “Intensifying global efforts for the elimination of female genital mutilations”, WAG recently participated in the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM by manning a street stall in Buderim to distribute literature and speak with local residents (see photo). WAG member, Joyce Prescott, reported on the event: “Many locals had never heard of FGM. Very few had any knowledge, but all I spoke to agreed that FGM must not be allowed to take root in Australia. It is a practice that has no health benefits and contributes to life-long psychiatric and serious ongoing health issues for the victim.”

NO FGM AUSTRALIA recently commissioned a report which estimated at least 3 female children per day were at risk in Australia (see No FGM Australia website). Parents (many holding Australian citizenship) have been reported removing children from Australia on alleged ‘overseas holidays’ so the procedure of FGM could be carried out in their countries of birth.

Mumfords supports the eradication of FGM, domestic and cultural abuse.

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